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Inditex – dressing up the world is priced in

Inditex is undoubtedly a stellar company. Many scholar case studies have been written on it as it has consistently beaten expectations thanks to the flawless execution of its fast-retail business … Continue reading

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LHCG – a solid, decently managed consolidator

U.S. Home Healthcare Agencies (HHA) provide in-home skilled nursing and other home health care services, such as physical therapy. HHAs are licensed by the state, but must adhere to federal … Continue reading

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Pescanova – a commodity GA(v)RP

According to FAO, by 2018 farmed fish is expected to exceed captured fish for human consumption for the first time, and its share is projected at 52 percent in 2021. … Continue reading

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Butadiene: value resides in the C4 cut

The structural attractiveness of light US petrochemical feedstock brought by the emergence of shale gas projects will be adding more capacity at the cheap side of the ethylene cash cost … Continue reading

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Money for free available – China Xiniya

China Xiniya (XNY:NYSE) is a Chinese retailer that raised USD88M in its IPO back in Nov 2010. Some accounting scandals, including the famous Sino-Forest scam, are heavily depressing most Chinese stocks. … Continue reading

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My opinion on CSR

A good friend I met last week suggested me to write on ethical investments. His definition of “ethical”, by the way, is quite restrictive… I am afraid I won’t be … Continue reading

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Iberpapel – robust balance sheet for the retail investor

Iberpapel is a very small integrated paper producer that makes all of its products upon receiving orders – this indicates a bit the superior perception the market has for its … Continue reading

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